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George Salloum
Executive Director
The Community Co.

We had a pretty good website, but whenever there was a security or software update in the backend, or if the wind blew Westerly, the website would crash. The videos would stop working, the links would break, and some pages would not load at all.
This was happening so often that we were starting to lose revenue as clients had to use our website to generate certain reports, let alone prospective clients wanting to know about our services.

We wanted to retain the look and feel of our website, as we had received great comments about the video on the front page and the design of the website, but we wanted it to stop breaking and becoming frustrating for our clients and prospective Business.

Enter Double Shot Marketing.

After speaking with them about what we wanted, they knew exactly what to do. They kept the integrity of the website with all the videos and the links and the pages that we knew were popular with our clients and prospective business. They made some incredible suggestions about the rest of the website which we adopted.

Since Double Shot Marketing have been hosting our website and maintaining it, we have had exactly zero issues. If there have been any problems with links to forms etc, they are sorted immediately.

The greatest aspect of having Double Shot Marketing on board is the peace of mind, knowing that someone as capable as them is able to answer our questions quickly, sort out issues efficiently, and make suggestions about the future of our portal.

We have been working with Double Shot Marketing for a couple of years now and it has been a joy to work with them.

We highly recommend them.

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